Big Ideas & How To get them to Stick

Schrafft's City Center

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The conceptual design process for the Schrafft’s City Center blows my mind to think back on. I started at CBT in April of 2014 and shortly thereafter cooked up the initial candy concept for the lobby, bold and playful Confectionary Contemporary mixed with a Factory / Industrial vibe.

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Returning to Candy Factory Glory

Read another Schrafft’s related post “Big Ideas and How to Get them to Stick”

See more pictures of Schrafft’s

Schrafft’s in the News: A workplace for Generation Z

The history Schrafft’s Candy Factory was a fixture in the Charlestown landscape and a wonderful local employer that sadly closed its doors in the late 1970s. The late Mr. Flatley bought the building and surrounding land and converted it into a first class office building in 1984. CBT along with The Flately Company has undertaken the second transformation of this incredible site.

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Boylston Street Lobby Revamp

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399 Boylston in the News

Prior to the renovation it was easy to walk past the main lobby of this high quality office building because the clear glass curtain wall was recessed in a shadowy nook six feet  behind the building line. While the ground level retail storefronts bow out into the sidewalk the corporate entrance was nearly hidden.

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