Mill Building Amenities Refresh

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Riverworks in the News

Concept: Sheep Chic / Factory Industrial

Story: Riverworks is currently a multi-tenant office building on the banks of the Charles River. It was originally a wool and textiles factory. The desirable brick and beam construction lends itself to the classic but quirky “ode to the Sheep.”

The custom reception design is branded with the new campus logo consisting of a sheep within a gear. The new barn doors that secure the servery are branded with a large gear as well. The lobby feels rustic with the polished concrete floor and decorative plaster applied to the exposed brick, yet refined with hexagonal bronze pendants and classic furniture. The custom area rug in the lobby has strings or threads crossing it symbolic of a loom. The railings also carry on this motif.

Location: Watertown, MA

Client: Private

Design Firm: CBT Architects

Design Team: Robin Abraham, Jacob Small, Zoe Benson, Shonali Rajani and Betsy Ellor, Ari Minelli, Stefan Vogelmann, Haril Pandya and Maren Reepmeyer

Completion Date: January 2016


Contractor: Erland

Furniture: Creative Office Pavilion

Lighting Design: HLB Lighting


Lobby Before.


“Sheep” Corridor Before.

Cafeteria Before.


Fitness Before.




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